A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Subsea Drill Through Equipment Seminar, Aug 8 – Aug 12

Drilling Equipment Center, Brookshire, US

The attendee will learn about the equipment and systems that provide well control safety on floating drilling rigs. All the major manufacturers are included. Focus is concentrated on practical information that can be put to immediate use, directly benefiting your drilling operation with lower downtime and increased availability.

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  • Hi Jeremy, I’m Nigerian, and will love to play a part in screwing ighnts up for corruption in Naija power. You worry about the contracts and privatization and concessioneering, and…I promise I don’t even know what all those big words mean, save for a Naira rain, windfall of money for people in the right position at the time, but I’m angry, and I’m going to find people, and we are going to do something. ‘Cos I haven’t anything better to do :)Please comment and/or bookmark Y’all are inspiring.