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Simba sees huge market for alternative energy in Nigeria

Oscarline Onwuemenyi

ABUJA – The Managing Director of Simba Group of Companies Nigeria, Mr. Rajan Menon, has stated that only a sustained recourse to adoption and use of alternative energy will ensure future energy security in the country.
Menon, who made the remark in an interview with our correspondent at the background of the second edition of the Simba Training Kamps, in Abuja, noted that the company was committed to developing the alternate energy supply in Nigeria, and this means doing its part to educate users and contributing towards employment generation.

He also pointed out that there is a huge potential for alternative energy market in Nigeria giving the country’s unique challenges in electricity generation and distribution over the years.

According to him, “There is a huge and vibrant market opportunity for alternative energy to expand in Nigeria.

The present challenges with provision of electricity and the insufficient grid and other power infrastructure support the growth of the alternative energy sector for the provision of efficient, reliable and cheap electricity in the long run.”

Menon noted that his company has had many years of experience in the alternate energy industry in India, adding that the Nigeria was similar to India with respect to its population, size and economy.

“India, like Nigeria, has had challenge of electricity generation and distribution, and it is through the adoption of alternate energy sources such as solar and others that the country is tackling this problem. Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind in this technology,” he added.

He added that products of the company had been widely accepted in the country, hence the need to train more technicians on the appropriate tools for the installation and maintenance of the alternate energy technology.

He explained that the Simba Training Kamps was an initiative to train local engineers and technicians on professional servicing and application of the company’s products, which include inverter and solar energy technologies.

He said, “The Simba Group, distributors of Luminous Inverters in Nigeria, recently kicked off a series of free training events for inverter technicians across the country. The training programmes are part of a successful initiative of the company to educate the industry on inverter service requirements and help ease the way for aspiring individuals to join the trade.”

Menon added that the one-day training was designed to equip technicians with adequate skill and tools for inverter installation and maintenance, and would mark the launch of the 24/7 service programme by the group across the country.

“The training sessions are open to all electrical, installation engineers and aspiring individuals who are inclined towards building their technical skills in the inverter and power back-up industry, and are currently being rolled out across the country,” he noted.

Responding to why the company embarked on the free training, Mr. KJ Anil, Head of Service Operations for the Group said the free training was necessary to make sure there are qualified hands to install and service Luminous Inverters all over Nigeria.

He added, “A key part of our value proposition is customer service, and this means that we need to be able to deliver service even in the remotest locations. The Simba Group is committed to developing the alternate energy supply in Nigeria, and this means doing our part to educate users and contributing towards employment generation.”

Mr. Anil noted that the event also has a positive impact for Simba Group, adding that, “It’s all part of creating an environment that supports industry growth. The idea is simple, the more people we train, the more people there are who can recommend, install and service inverters. And most of the time they recommend Luminous, which helps our business to grow, too.”

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  • Uzoma

    This is good initiative. Please, i’d lyk to enrol in the training. Though not an engineer or technician, i have the passion and can learn fast too. Thanks
    please send ur reply to 08066914894 ; 08095000979 or my e-mail address

    • My daughter thank you for your very eeptinrnt questions.1.The solar energy plant will of course be located in the part of the country with the greatest amount of annual thunderstorms and rainfall. We are considering Abonnema, Warri , Yenegoa and other dense, tropical regions.2.We began by tendering contracts with a view to an 18 month completion period. We later extended this to 36 months and have now settled on 48 months. You will be pleased to learn however that we have successfully awarded the contract to Charlie Charlie associates who will commence work in April 2016.3.The power will be transmitted using fibre optic cables which will run via Cotonou. It is anticipated that we can get power to the first cluster (likely to be FCT) by June 20244.Yes Israel will form a strategic alliance with us and we have already held some high level discussions about the nature of their technical expertise and how it is best delivered. It is hoped that our economy will soon emulate that of Israel’s : No longer will our government be corrupt, no longer will we have a figurehead president that acquiesces to the every need of the West, personal safety will no longer be in decline, police forces will no longer face collapse under the sheer workload. Yes Nigeria will soon be just like Israel.A. PoyoyoHon Minister of Internal Mago-Mago