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NNPC trains 70 fire fighters

7 September 2011, Sweetcrude, Lagos – Seventy participants from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), trained in basic professional fire fighting course, have been discharged at a parade in Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 70 women and men demonstrated how to put-out fire as well as how to rescue victims, during the parade.

Mr Komoru Ajasa, Commander of the Federal Fire Service training school said that the 12 weeks course would strengthen the firemen in the case of emergencies.

He said that because of the importance of an organisation like the NNPC it was pertinent to have well trained fire fighting workers.

He expressed gratitude that the 70 people handed over to the Federal Fire Service Training were discharged in good health after undergoing the course.

“Today in good faith and health condition I am delivering 70 trained firemen and women who have undergone basic professional fire fighting course successfully to the NNPC management,”! he said.

Ajasa, also the Assistant Controller of Federal Fire Service noted that the course was done in accordance with their paramilitary training in line with the objectives and vision of the training school.

He assured that the Federal Fire Service would not relent in training and retraining competent and professionals in both private and public sector of the economy to ensure prevention of fire.

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  • I am just surprised it has taken this long for MEND to acattk a Lagos facility and just waiting for one in Abuja. Things will get worse and more innocents will die. You use the words “oil wars” and that is exactly what this is but I doubt the majority of Nigerians have figured that out yet. My issue with MEND is twofold. First they may be making some small impact in the immediate but the government is still busy making oil deals with Russia and China so clearly MEND is not seen as an obstacle. Secondly without a parallel political agenda I dont see these acattks making sufficient impact to change the status quo. There are also so many groups – some criminals, some militants – how and who can bring them all under one umbrella? And it goes on.