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Wikileaks allegations: Mark denies NNPC $30m bribe

13 September 2011, Sweetcrude,Abuja- Senate President David Mark has denied receiving a bribe of $30 million from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in 2007 as alleged in diplomatic cables released by online whistleblower, Wikileaks.

A statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan, on Monday said it was difficult to believe that Alhaji Maitama Sule, an elder statesman, would have made the statement ascribed to him by the former United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Robin Sanders, as contained in the Wikileaks report.

Mark described the allegation as “malicious, spurious, wicked and mere fabrication of a mind that is fertile in mischief.”

A secret US diplomatic cable, recently exposed by Wikileaks, revealed that former Nigerian Ambassador to the US, Maitama Sule, had told Sanders that Mark and the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole, each pocketed $30 million as their share of the nation’s monthly oil earnings.

But Mark said, “The report has no iota of truth whatsoever as I know nothing about the revenues of the oil sector. It (the report) smacks of absolute falsehood and could not have been associated with me.

“I have no knowledge of any kickback or proceed from the NNPC, neither did I, at any time, in concert with the late President Umaru Musa YarAdua; his wife, Turai and the former House of Representatives Speaker, Hon. Dimeji Sabur Bankole, engage in corrupt practices or receive kickback of $30 million.”

He noted that the Wikileaks report sounded to him like a rumour “emanating from the market square,” adding that it lacked substance and sound reasoning and should therefore be ignored by every right-thinking person.

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  • Ebi Bonnie

    So hard to believe, yet one cannot entirely doubt…

  • Samuel

    Thier is high rate of possibility in that, for how long has the senate president being a senator of the federal republic, thats one.

  • Sekeremene

    Hey i dey laugh el-rufai came out to debunct the allegation today mark is also saying thesame let them tell nigerians the truth wiki-leaks is not own by US but by a hacker. Does that mean Dora Akunyili didn’t call US ambassador in nigeria with her private line.

  • Hmmmmmm..Am speechless..

  • Abdulwahab

    I don’t think anything is impossible in our dear country naija. They ‘ve pocketed even billions of us dollars dis one is just lyk chicken feed to them.

  • eniaga

    i think wikileaks should close their leaking mouth if not they will scarter this country for us. Though some of the news may be true but we should gurd against external agressing many of this western country have their own bad side but the cover why exposing our own, i see this as a plan of the us to divide nigeria by 2015

  • Tayo

    It’s a normal practice to have $1 per barrel of crude by these pple, whoever has d buyer takes that. Why is he lying thru his old teeth?

  • Usman

    One cannot rule out, but…

  • Jim

    Business as usual. Who ever doubts that you’ll not deny?

  • Zico

    Who is innocent in this country? None! The truth is that time is the only factor required to prove the holiest and most revered indicted in one corruption or the other. There is an element truth in every rumour, if not why didnt wikileaks mention my name in the said bribery? Naija go beta.

  • If properly investigated,there will be an iota of truth in it.

  • Fellow 9jiarians, i perceive its high time we link our oblongadata with brain link it back to our sensible nerves. For how long shall we suffer? For how will u DAVID MARK be senator? from senator to senate president, since 1999 uptil present and stil yet no change. Let us rise nd hope for d future, may be an uncorrupted unborn child will lead us to our canaanland.

  • sls 2015

    Hmmmm, I think it is true. No doubt about it.

  • adumora

    Why is he denyin,he wnt 2 be a senate president 4 life. Is it becos he loves nija? Na di moni he no wan leave. Thnks 2 wikkileak 4 d truth.

  • amadi

    All these stories being denied by El-Rufai, Iweala and now Hon. Mark should be investigated. Why? Because there’s a high probability that there is an iota of truth in the claims.

  • Michael U

    Nigeria where r u going 2? Back or front? Hmm!

  • jack

    Dont mind him. He is just a liar ! U remember what he did as a minister for telecomunication when he single handedly plced the best gadget or comunication in dat ricketty town of otukpo .. Dont mind them them all b old thiefs!