A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Ghana Energy Summit holds Nov. 14 & 15 in Accra

14 September 2011, Sweetcrude, Accra- The Ghana Energy Summit 2011 will hold in capital, Accra, on November 14 and 15.

The summit with theme “Developments, strategies and opportunities for Ghana’s booming oil and gas markets”, will be examining the future strategy, developments and outlook for the oil and gas sectors in Ghana.

It will feature a conference and exhibition on the theme, ‘Ghana Energy Networking Party’.
According to the organisers of the summit, the event will facilitate extensive networking opportunities with government ministers, local and international oil and gas companies, and market experts.

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  1. space for lease Reply

    With today’s economy, it seems like people today tend to forget that industrial real estate will most probably not be as affected.

  2. Jesse Reply

    Adamu all the problems that you have miotenned are problems that can be eradicated if the vast oil revenues that the nigerian govt makes is chanelled into the correct sources, but as you know they are not and this is primarily because of the corrupt puppets that are currently in positions of power in nigeria. These puppets are being propped up by these western powers who are bleeding the nigerian economy dry and they will continue to do so until the people decide that enough is enough. nigeria is a young country believe it or not 50 is not that old with regard to the development of a nation. it took nations like britain and the united states centuries to attain the positions of power that they currently hold and this was done mainly by way of genocide, enslavement of african people and imperialist ideologies. i am of the opinion that nigeria would have progressed so much more had it NOT been for western intervention in the form of the transatlantic slave trade which caused enormous manpower depletion (not to mention psychological damage) followed shortly by the scramble for africa in the 19th century where africa was carved up and shared out amongst various european powers.if as you say i am blaming the white man for self inflicted problems maybe you would be kind enough to explain to me why progressive leaders such as Murtala Muhammed were eliminated despite their noble intentions for nigeria.I beleive that any sensible person who is thinking critically will understand that nation states take time to evolve and develop especially where these states have faced sabotage, economic manipulation and destruction at every attempt to grow.