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Niger Delta militants issue 14-day ultimatum to Boko Haram

27 September, 2011, Sweetcrude,Lagos- Niger Delta militants have issued 14-day ultimatum to the Islamist sect Boko Haram to stop further bombings in Nigeria or be ready for reprisal attacks on Muslims in southern region.

The militant on the aegis of the Joint Revolutionary Council said in a statement that while the bombing campaigns by Boko Haram where meant to derail President Goodluck Jonathan, it had also noticed that no Muslim had condemned the killings of Christians by the group in the North.

“Note well, if further killings by Boko Haram as a result of Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidency in the country is not stopped within fourteen days of this statement, we shall without hesitation commence sending every Muslim in the Niger Delta Region to their various homes and ask our people to return home,” the JRC said.

“No section of this country has the exclusive preserve or monopoly of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta) while they will be killing our people in their land. If they don’t want peace we will meet them where ever they are. This is our message.”

JRC called on President Jonathan to invoke his powers as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and give his security chiefs an ultimatum within which to use every strategy to dislodge the notorious Boko Haram and other perpetrators of attack on the Nigerian people.

The group also stated that if further attempt to distract the developmental attention of the President continues, it would be forced to unearth so called Boko Haram in the North.

“This is our word. We have killed and we will not care to kill again.”

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  • Nora

    I think that’s a good one, because they can’t continue to kill our people and go scot free, is either they stop or we will start our own.

  • It is high time we the Niger Deltans rise to our responsibility of helping to rescue our beloved ones in the North who are at the ‘arbatoir’ of the stupid & ‘malu’ boko haram. The cry of the innocent blood they have shared will always be against them. ‘Malu’ in Niger Delta should be slaughtered to teach them that we are not blind and are aware of their evils attack. May God expose, disgrace & kill every politician behind these troubles that Nigeria is facing today.