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Panic as fire guts fuel tanker in Kaduna

18 December 2011, Sweetcrude, KADUNA – A 33,000-litre Oando oil tanker caught fire while discharging its content at the Abubakar Gummi Central Market in Kaduna, Saturday, throwing the entire market into panic.

The fire was reportedly caused by an electric spark from the tanker itself as eye witnesses said the tanker had just come in to discharge when a little fire began at the battery head, which
later developed to an inferno on contact with petrol.

The fire, which lasted several hours, forced the traders in the market to close shop, with some hurrying their goods out of the market in the fear that the fire could engulf the entire market.

A fire service truck came in more than an hour after and angry youths, who had been watching the raging fire helplessly, began to stone the vehicle, smashing the windscreen in the process.

A combined team of the police and army later stepped in to quell the situation before the fire fighters were able to commence operation.

They were, however, unable to put out the fire before they ran out of water.

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  • Namse

    The tanker was parked a night before and it is alledged that some sharp practices were going on

  • Nigerians lets know what we are doing The PDP has no any good intention to us, they just their to loot our reuosrce and enriching themselve with the reuosrces that meant for development and impacts of our live Nigerians lets wise up lets understand the reality, lets differentiate between religion and politics Nigeria is for all of us, there’s no reason for us to suffer, we’re a citizens of a renoun oil nation.. As matter of fact we need somebody like Muh’d Buhari to lead this country for change