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Nigeria targets 20 dams for hydro power

Taye Obateru

29 December 2011, Sweetcrude, JOS – Nigeria’s Federal Government plans the use of dams across the country to boost electricity supply, Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Ochekpe has said.

Speaking to journalists in Jos, she disclosed that about 20 of such dams with capacity to generate hydro power have been identified and would be used to generate power.

She said the move was in realisation that the full potential of the dams had not been tapped, adding that her ministry was working with the power counterpart to make use of the dams for electricity in addition to the provision of water for drinking, irrigation and fisheries.

She said: “As you are aware, part of our challenges as a nation is the issue of power. Most of our industries are either operating below capacity or have closed down because of our inability to generate sufficient power.”

The Minister stressed the commitment of the government to improve water supply for domestic use and develop irrigation infrastructure.

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