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JTF names those behind bombing of Agip trunk line

Emma Amaize

06 February 2012, Sweetcrude, WARRI – THE Joint Task Force on the Niger-Delta, codenamed, Operation Pulo Shield, said it had uncovered the brains behind last Saturday’s bombing of AGIP manifold at Brass in Bayelsa state.

The task force in a statement by its media coordinator, Lt. Col. Timothy Antigha disagreed that the attack was carried out by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta, saying some persons were out to cause confusion using the name of the militant group.

The statement reads, “Following the dynamite explosion which compromised AGIP manifold at Brass on Friday night, the Joint Task Force, OPERATION PULO SHIELD, have identified the following as the brains behind the dastardly act.

“They are Friday Burutu,  Lord Onipa, Robinson Agagudu, Eyala Karo, Stanley Uduorie, Para Ekiyes and Rasmus Omukoro”, it stated.

“Consequently, these suspects are advised to turn themselves in for interaction with authorities of the Joint Task Force in Yenagoa, latest 12 noon, 8 Feb 2012,” the statement added.

According to the spokesman, “The Joint Task Force wishes to reiterate its earlier warning that the suspects and their cohorts are out to swindle Niger Deltans by appropriating the identity of the erstwhile leadership of MEND to advance their selfish interest. For the avoidance of doubt, people who were the leadership of MEND are now responsible members of the society, having accepted the amnesty”.

“In the light of these, the general public is advised to remain calm and discountenance the tissue of lies issued by these suspects as their raison d’etre, because the relevant stages of the amnesty which was granted to authentic ex militants and all the attendant benefits are still on course”, he stated.

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  • Save bayelsa

    D jtf should also be able to identify d boko boys

    • he signed a contract with foreing experts to rebuild our refineries but now that story is a forgotten issue, I have one question for the Government.. Why is there on refinery in Nigeria? And now they are adding to the suffering of Nigerians who are struggling to survive. Right now minimum wage is useless, as serious inflation will set in. Even if fuel is a thousand naira per liter, all government officials will still fill their tank, but do they consider the feelings of other nigerians, and now they use violence on protesters, what now is the deference between nigeria and former libya, and other middle east leaders. I must confess i an highly disappointed by this new year gift from our government. But one thing is for sure WE WILL SURVIVE. No matter what happens we will survive. God bless NIGERIA.

  • allnigeriaalmajiri

    well, would there be any reasonable difference btw terrorist a and terrorist b? Or Mend are now giving unreserved aquittal bc badluck is an active member? JTF, how can you reconcile arrest of the incumbent leader of mend in s/africa on count of terror charges, fresh threat of terror attack by the members of mend on s/africans and your claim of aquittal? Put your house in order and make your record straight; not all the audience are fools!!