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JTF, South African government to learn bitter leson – MEND

Emma Amaize

06 February 2012, sweetrude, WARRI –
THE Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta, MEND, Monday, defied the the Joint Task Force, JTF, on the Niger-Delta, codenamed Operation Pulo Shield, saying, in the next few weeks, when it carries out few major bomb attacks, the military task force will regret its cynical comments regarding weekend’s resumption of hostilities by the militant group.

It also said the South-African Government, which, through its Ministry of Internal Affairs, claimed the Nigerian Government would protect the South-African investments in its bombing list, will learn a bitter lesson.

MEND spokesman in another internet post, Monday, by its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, said, “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta(MEND) wishes to respond to the ignorant comments of the spokesperson of the Joint Task Force, JTF, Col Timothy Antigha and the government of South Africa through its Ministry of International Affairs”.

“The JTF spokesperson in his little mind is failing to comprehend the gravity of the situation unfolding in the Niger Delta and attributes our attack on the Agip pipeline to instigation by imaginary persons interested in benefiting from the fraud that was the disarmament process in the Niger Delta.

“The Nigerian government claims to have disarmed more people than exist in the Nigerian Army with only two thousand weapons to show for all their trouble. The lull in fighting by all groups in the Niger Delta is being used to acquire more sophisticated weapons to ensure that our next assault on the Nigerian oil industry expels western oil companies once and for all. There is nothing the Nigerian military can do to halt us”, it stated.

The militant group asserted, “Agip cleverly indicated that 4000 barrels of its production is affected by our attack. The reality is that close to 200,000 bpd of Nigerian crude exports is affected by our attack as that trunk line served to transport crude oil for other oil companies as well. This translates to a daily loss of at least 20 million us dollars”

It added, “To the South African government, we accept your challenge and will show you how easy it is to drive your investments out of our region. If the Nigerian government cannot protect companies like shell and chevron, how will they manage to protect an insignificant Sacoil?

“Within the next few weeks, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta will carry out a few major attacks on oil installations to demonstrate to the world the helplessness of oil companies and the Nigerian military”, it said.

After these next attacks, there will be a brief pause as we await the time agreed upon by all groups in the delta for the resumption of hostilities in the Niger Delta.

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    When will all this fighting stop, is this how the country going to improve. fighting bombing and killing is not the best way we all pray for God to hope us

    • It is continues surlgte against the oppressors and God willing we will prosper despite brutal killings & intimitation of innocent soul by incompetent security personnel whose emolument can not sustain their lives. The niger delta militants were agent of the govt, do not mind about them, is just a matter of time for them to fight back against the govt. Nigerians, please unite and say no to all forms of violence

    • The numbers for “railways” are suscpet. There were no steam-powered railroads until 1810 or so; this would put the 80% penetration point in 1935, which is ridiculous. There were horse-drawn railroads as early as 1600, but if we are going to count these as the point of invention, we should also count the Bendix G-15 (circa 1956) as the invention point for the personal computer.Also, the 70 years for radio is questionable. Marconi’s system, which could only transmit Morse code, was introduced in the early 1900s, and voice transmission was not really practical until about 1920. Is it really likely that 20% of countries didn’t have any radios prior to 1995, or even 1970?

  • allnigeriaalmajiri

    Good MEND, show them that even the amnesty including fat budget allocations and spendings on aclaim ex-millitants is just a foxy bargain for more strenght to ganna ammunitions and launch terror oppensive against 9ja. Badluck, continue breeding what will eventually bring your miserable life and that of your baboon people to an end.

    • First, they demand for the list of benrficiaeies of Subsidy and the list was released including how much they were paid. I was expecting the NGO, NLC, NANS to rise up and demand for their persecution for robbing Nigeria all these years.The best way to stop this cartel is the stop subsidy which is a free money to them. Do you know that even the subsidized fuel is being diverted to other countries like Cameroon, Niger Republic, Chad and Togo? Why cant we for once support a President that even dare to open our eyes to see what has been going on secretly? Now look at some of these benrficiaeies:1. Conoil Plc Mike Adenuga MD (owned Globacom)2. Oando Plc Wale Tinubu ( owned pipeline construction coy)3. Energy Petrol Jimo Ibrahim4. Dangote Group Aliko Dangote5. AP6. Total7. Mobil etc etc etcCan anyone deny that these organizations and individuals are not capable of building own refineries in Nigeria all these years?Some are among the richest in the world today. Why cant Nigerians fight the right fight by calling on these benrficiaeies to use that money to build refineries in Nigeria and create employment for the youths.SUBSIDY REMOVAL: GEJ IS ON COURSE: ALL MUST SUPPORT HIM TO SUCCEED. INTHE BEGINNING HE TOLD US AND WE KNOW THAT HE MUST TAKE DIFFICULT ANDPAINFUL DECISIONS IN ORDER TO TAKE US TO THE PROMISED LAND. WE KNOW HECAN DO IT. WE KNOW HE WILL DO IT BECAUSE GOD IS WITH HIM. ALL WE NEEDNOW IS TO ASK GOD FOR HIS COMFORT AND SUPPORT AS WE COMMENCE THE FIRSTSTEPS OF MANY STEPS TO OUR FREEDOM, PROSPERITY AND DURABLE DEMOCRACY.GEJ, IT IS PAINFUL AND THE MOST DISTRESSED BUT I WILL GO ALL THE WAY WITH YOU.. DON’T DESPAIR,KEEP THE FAITH, YOUR CROWN IS ASSURED! WHO DO WE TURN TO THAT HAS NOT FAILED US BEFORE : NLC, TUC OR WHO? ONLY YOU GEJ, HAS NOT BE TRIED BEFORE. PLEASE REBROADCASTALL I KNOW IS THAT TRUTH MUST ULTIMATELY PREVAIL. NLC AND OTHER TRADE UNIONS ARE ONE OF THE GREATEST ENEMIES OF NIGERIA. DURING THE JUNE 12 STRUGGLE FOR THIS DEMOCRACY WE ARE ALL ENJOYING NOW. THE MILITARY BRIBED THE NLC WITH AN ABUJA HEADQUARTER OFFICE WHICH THEY LATER SOLD PRIVATELY AND SHARED THE MONEY, AS A RESULT WHEN THE BATTLE FOR DEMOCRACY WAS AT ITS PEAK AND WE NEEDED THEM THEY PUSSY FOOTED AND TURNED TAIL LIKE FRIGHTENED RATS. TODAY AGAIN HAVING BEING COMPROMISED BY FUEL SHARKS OF NIGERIA INCORPORATED they are calling out the poor and their children TO COME OUT AND DIE FOR THEM AND THEIR PAYMASTERS.

  • sageer we northerners cusead all these problem as from IBB thing did not go down well with other region ken saro wiwa was assasinated by our own dreaded Abacha nobody talk now bcos the owners of de oil are getting wiser and wiser on daily bases hmmn this is what U pple the hausas hve cusead 4 us. U pple in the north the hausas killed at will. What happened in sudan can happened here, we are not immune to disintegration this are the signs of separation.