A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Power generation dips below 4,000mw

*As Sapele power station is shuts down

13 February 2012, Sweetcrude, SAPELE – An unexpected failure of the gas pipeline that feeds the 240-megawatts (mw) Sapele Power Station has forced a shut down of the power plant, pushing national power generation down to 3,900mw.

National power generation had hit 4,000mw few weeks ago, with Power Minister, Prof Barth Nnaji, expessing hope that electricity output would continue to climb from there.

Mr. Saidu Mohammed, Managing Director of Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) – a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) – disclosed news of the leaking pipeline.

He stated that there was enough gas to supply the Sapele Power Station, but maintained that the leak detected on the gas delivery line had forced a shut down of the pipeline for repairs.

He said excavation of the failed portion of the pipeline will begin today and that new lines would be put in place to handle gas supply to the Sapele Power Station.
Mr. James Olotu, Managing Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company, operators of the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP), confirmed, Sunday, that the Sapele Power Station has been shut due to lack of gas to fire the two units of the plant.
He said: “It is not that the NGC is sabotaging us; it is just that people have been vandalising the lines. This frequent shut down of the station due to inadequate gas supply damages the engines.
“When you shut down and restart, you are damaging the machines. When you shut down, you will have to wait for about three days for the engines to cool down before you restart the engines. Power is available now but there is no gas to fire the machines.”

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  • why is it that things like this happen in nigeria? Let the gov do something about it

  • Lombin lambin

    Is thesame issue we hear everyday,there is no light for complete 24hours just in this country,xcept the so call GRA and influential citizens who can do and undo. Lets see what will happen in the nex few weeks.

  • useless people,shebi na now d town Sapele go dey useful? Make una go get power from where una dey spend d country money put na!? Abi una no see as d town dey backward with no developmental touch from a useless governor? Shame shame!!!

  • Nigeria should go for hydro-power, it is the best souce of power, and reliable. Look all the complain, it has never come from kainji dam.
    Govt should build moor please

  • Ekezeh Sabastine Ishioma

    In his independence broadcast 2 d nation, 2009, Yar’Adua promised Nigerians 6,000MW by dec 2009 n 10,000MW by d start of 2011. Am ashamed! dis is 2012 we r stil talkin of generatin 4,000MW, while South Africa nd oda smaller African countries r talking abt generatin 10,000MW. Afta 51 yrs of independence, Nig hs neva been able to generate up to 6,000MW. Nt even d $16b spent by d OBJ regime btw 1999-2003 was able to generate dat figure. Until patrotic n honest technocrats nt politicans run d affairs of d power sector wil stil b day dreamin on becomin one of d 20 largest economy by 2020. God help Nig!

  • Will this not occur again in the coming 3 years?