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Chevron begins drilling of relief well offshore Nigeria

18 February 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS – Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) has begun the process of drilling a relief well to seal the Funiwa 1A natural gas well, which was hit by fire January 16, the company said in a statement in Lagos.

The relief well is being drilled to extinguish the fire at the original well, located approximately six miles (10 kilometres) off the coast of Nigeria.

According to the company, the drilling plans will enable the cementing and abandonment of the Funiwa 1A well.

The relief well is being drilled by the Transocean Baltic rig with approvals from Nigerian authorities, CNL stated, adding that “no oil was spilled or has flowed from this natural gas well”.

Environmental activists and some coastal communities in Bayelsa State have, however, been tackling Chevron, claiming the effects of the fire have adversely impacted on the communities.
Two lives were lost in the fire which started from a drilling rig, working for Chevron on the Funiwa field.

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