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Lagos govt issues tanker drivers 72-hour quit order

20 February 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS – The Lagos State government has given tanker drivers 72 hours to remove their vehicles from the ever-busy Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos.

The order is coming on the heels of the petrol tanker fire midnight on Friday, which killed three people. About 39 vehicles were also burnt in the inferno.

Giving the deadline after an on-the-spot assessment of the scene of the accident at the interstate park, near the Mile 2 Bridge, Kayode Opeifa, Commissioner for Transportation Kayode Opeifa, and his Special Duties counterpart, Dr. Wale Ahmed, blamed the incident on the carelessness of the driver.

Opeifa said the situation could have been worse, but for the quick response of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), the Fire Service, the police and other security agencies.

The commissioner, who cited the report of the investigation carried out, said the driver of the truck, who has not been found, ignored all entreaties to stop after one of the rear wheels plunged into a ditch, before it subsequently went up in flames.

“It’s a sign of carelessness by the driver. We even found three other fake number plates in the tanker and we also found out that he did not register as a member of any tanker drivers’ union,” Opeifa said.

He continued: “Why it took us a bit late to evacuate the burnt vehicles was because we wanted to explore all safety measures because PMS was still left in the tanker. So, we had to get rid of it first to adequately ensure safety of lives and property.

“We hereby, warn all tanker drivers who are parking along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway to vacate and relocate into their various tank farms within 72 hours or face severe sanctions.

“We will assist them in removing those vehicles if they so desire. We have also communicated this to the union leaders.”

According to the commissioner, the state government would not ignore safety standards in its determination to protect the lives and property of residents, especially when the state is upgrading two major roads on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

He announced that the state government has decided to take over Mile 2 loops for beautification and landscaping, stressing that the government will not reverse its decision to relocate the interstate park.

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  1. capt. meni Reply

    that’s good, I think this tanker drivers should be made to abide by the law.

    1. FarLha Reply

      is a daming higisnt into aviation in Nigeria but since we know the problems, why is it so difficult to apply its solutions? Our people are mainly focused on winning elections at all cost but do not understand that “Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance.” OBJ’s contribution to Nigeria? Otta Farms despite 3 terms as Head of State?How will history remember YAR’ADUA? Rigged election winner? This is not about the everyday Nigerian that follow the fool with the cola like sheep. They have been conditioned to servitude and as such the leadership qualities found wanting cannot just appear. You cannot teach greed and corruption but highlight it. YAR’ADUA may well be a good person but a leader? Why is he not in the UN appealing for help from its Special Political and Decolonization unit? Why spend the cash we do not have fighting his own people?Google Nigeria and you get; a transit point for heroin and cocaine, major money-laundering center, massive corruption and criminal activity. Very high degree of risk in food or waterborne diseases, vectorborne disease, one of the most highly endemic areas for Lassa fever, water contact disease: leptospirosis and shistosomiasis, animal contact disease: rabies and highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza. Is anyone person able to influence anything?We can only highlight these issues and add to the knowledge base. It is folly doing anything without knowledge. Never under-estimate contributions here and elsewhere since “ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but STUPID lasts forever.” but future generations replace the dead wood. Obama is a case in point.

  2. eronmose ebhohimen Reply

    it’s a good development; the govt has taken a good decision… Life is pricesless.