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Lagos to generate power from dumpsites

24 February 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS – The Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has commenced plans to generate electricity from landfill sites acrossthe state, Mr. Ola Oresanya, LAWMA managing director, has said.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting in Lagos, Oresanya said the project involves capturing methane generated from waste and utilising it for electricity, thereby preventing the release of hazardous gases into the environment and reducing Lagos carbon footprint.

In this process, according to him, Lagos would be complying with international standards on environmental governance.

The stakeholders meeting, tagged “Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization Project At Abule-Egba, Olushosun and Solous Landfills”, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), African Carbon Asset Development (ACAD) and Standard Bank, at the Simpson Transfer Loading Station.

Specifically, the stakeholders’ meeting was part of the process of developing and registering a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project under the Kyoto Protocol on climate change managed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Oresanya observed that one of the methods for achieving emission reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol was the implementation of CDM projects, adding that the proposed project was a step towards saving the world from apparent and imminent danger.

According to him, Lagos had an opportunity to improve municipal solid waste management and reduce its carbon footprint through Closure, Collection and Utilisation of Landfill Gas (LFG) captured at existing landfills.

He said the agency was about to implement the Phase one of the project, which would comprise a pre-engineering design, under a consultancy contract.

The project is expected to commence in February 2011 and would be completed within 12 and 18 months.

He stated that phase two of the project would involve the downstream sector, with most of the activities centered on the 20-landfill sites to be located in various parts of the state.

The LAWMA boss said about 20, 000 metric tonnes of waste were being projected from the sites daily, explaining that about a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1000 metric tonnes would be targeted daily from each of the sites.

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  • Olusoji

    Good thinking! Good project!
    This is what governance is all about! Putting the interest of the people first!
    Eko oni baje!!!

  • some stories are not worth reading. just like this one. we can not do it, corruption and evil tendecies will not allow us to do any thing good.

  • Suleiman

    Other state should join this developmnt 2 help our communities solve problems of epileptic electricity n 2 avoid transmision of hazardous substances into d atmospere. I think is a good step in a right direction

  • Emmanuel

    I am impressed with the initiatives you are putting on,whether it works or not,this simply shows that their are Nigerians who are thinking.
    However,I would love to be involved in these laudable project,as I’m an environmentalist with academic specialty in waste management,and there are so many Nigerians who came all the way here to acquire same academic knowlwdge like me,who will be keen on coming back home to put our knowledge to work.Please do contact me on my email address.All the same,I encourage your good and giant initiatives.Bravo!!!!!

    • Reuben

      Bravo! Emmanuel,I red ur comment in d net and I’m happy to know that nigeria have people like u who have keen interest in wastemanagement.I also have a project in that direction.pls let’s relate.Email me on:hapyben4real2006@yah00.com

  • Sadly you are all being led into OLD Technology. There is only One Way to utilise your City Waste and this aint it. So who benefits – Definately not the peopleof LAGOS. I smell a COVER UP that requires a Public Enquiry.