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Chevron Nigeria rig fire stops burning

06 March 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS  –  The fire that killed two workers and destroyed a gas exploration rig at Chevron Nigeria’s Funiwa field off Nigeria’s south-east coast has gone out after 46 days, the company has said.
It stopped burning by itself after rock fragments within the underground natural gas well sealed off the leak.
The US oil and gas firm, which operates the rig, said it would continue work to permanently plug the well.
Friends of the Earth, which said this was the world’s worst such accident in recent years, welcomed the news.
The environmental group has urged Chevron to compensate local Nigerian fishermen for income lost while the fire burned.
Chevron says it will monitor for any new gas flow and, once it is declared safe, abandon the problematic well in the next few months.
A major build-up of gas pressure from drilling caused the explosion that set the KS Endeavour rig on fire in the middle of January, according to state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
One month on, flames were as high as 5m (16ft 4in) and burned in a 40m-wide area on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, 10km (6 miles) away from the Niger Delta.
The fire had not caused any oil spillage, according to Chevron.
Scientists are conducting tests to see whether local food and water was contaminated by the gas.
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  2. Prathamm Reply

    the politics of oil flnriag in nigeria and the african continent in general can only be properly addressed when a responsive leadership finally emerges from within the people. as presidential hopeful, barack obama would say, real change comes from bottom up and not the other way. it will take a real leader with actual mandate to stand up to the multinationals to demand a change of attitude; multinationals like chevron who have come to the sad conclusion that it is more cost effective to just flare the gas than to put then into a more effective and more environmental friendly use. from re-injecting the gas back to the ground to lng to piping them to homes across west africa, africa and even europe. russia sends her gas to europe through a network of criss-crossing pipelines throughout europe and asia. what africa needs is to insist on a working very effective real people’s democracy whereby it can get a leader who will be responsive to the people. until then, nothing good will ever come out of the several discussions on oil flnriag in nigeria cum africa. http://www.meniru.blogspot.com