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World leaders meet in South Korea over nuclear security

24 March 2012, Sweetcrude, ABUJA – Fifty-three world leaders, including President Goodluck Jonathan, will attend the Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea, aimed at finding solutions to the world’s nuclear armaments problems.

The meeting holds on Monday and will see the world leaders discuss issues bordering on nuclear terrorism, protection of nuclear materials, illicit trafficking in nuclear materials and controlled enrichment programmes.

It is holding in the wake of the Nuclear Industry Summit (NIS), which held in Seoul, South Korea on Friday.

The NIS agreed to henceforth act in coordinated manner in checking nuclear security breaches as well as assist new comers on request and in accordance with the approval of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to acquire the know-how and secure use of nuclear energy.

A statement released in Seoul on Friday after the meeting of 118 organisations from 36 countries said there was need for proper management of nuclear material especially with the increased participation of private companies in its processing.

They identified nuclear terrorism as the most significant threat to international security, which called for strong nuclear security, which they adjudged the most efficient means to prevent unauthorised access to nuclear materials especially by terrorists.

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