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Mozambique discussing LNG prospect with Shell

12 May 2012, Sweetcrude, MAPUTO – The government of Mozambique is negotiating with Shell about developing the country’s immense natural-gas resources, including a possible liquefied-natural-gas project, President Emilio Guebuza said Wednesday.

Shell, which last month had a $1.8 billion bid for Mozambique-focused gas producer Cove Energy recommended by the firm’s board, may choose to use the access to one of East Africa’s most promising natural-gas provinces to develop giant export facilities, Reuters reported.

“We are working with Shell,” the news wire quoted President Guebuza as saying. “It’s true. We believe what they are saying.”

Shell also said it has received the consent of Mozambique’s Minister of Natural Resources for the acquisition.

President Guebuza said his country would seek to “negotiate a participation in mega-projects” like an LNG plant, but he stressed that this was in the interest of developing local skills and initiative and using any revenues to progress the country’s social agenda.

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