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NERC to supply free metres to electricity consumers

18 May 2012, Sweetcrude, ILORIN – With the take-off of a new electricity tariff regime in Nigeria next month, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) would supply electricity metres to consumers for free.

Dr. Abba Ibrahim, NERC Commissioner for Government and Consumer Affairs, made this known at the power consumer assembly for the North Central zone in Ilorin, saying the commission has a target of 18 months for every electricity consumer in the country to be provided with a metre.

He said the new electricity tariff regime had segregated consumers into classes and advised consumers to opt for the pre-paid metre, as, according to him, the metre would not run and they would not have to pay anything when there is no service.

He said another aspect of the new tariff order is the abolishment of metre maintenance fee by the commission, adding that maintenance would be done free of charge.

He disclosed that President Goodluck Jonathan has approved a subsidy of N50 billion to be applied specifically for the low income cadre, as well as for certain category of artisans , including welders and hairdressers, among others, stating that the rich and industries would cross-subsidise the low income earners.

He also said 80 per cent of Nigerians as residential consumers, would also benefit from the subsidy and cross-subsidy, adding that they would not see a significant rise in their tariff.

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  • Let gov do it b/4 paying 4 d new tariff bcos where new tariff is being paid without completion d project it will be fictitious program to NIGERIANS