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Nigerian firm gains as Sudan awards 7 oil blocks

07 July 2012, Sweetcrude, KHARTOUM – INTERNATIONAL companies from Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and China are among the beneficiaries of nine new oil deals with the Sudanese government, according to Reuters.

The deals involved the award of seven oil blocks and the addition of new partners to two other concessions, both of which attracted investments of $1 billion to the country in dire need of cash after South Sudan carted away a bulk of the country’s oil resources in July last year when the two countries separated.

Oil Minister Ishaq Adam Gamaa disclosed that the beneficiary companies in the new deals included Canada’s Statesmen Resources and Sudanese state firm Sudapetis, but did not say other beneficiary companies.

Some of the blocks given out by Sudan are near the northern border with Egypt while some are offshore and others near Kassala in eastern Sudan and in Khartoum state, the minister said.

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