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Lawmaker warns against oil adulteration, pipeline vandalism

Daniel Gumm

17 July 2012, Sweetcrude, WARRI — RESIDENTS of Warri, Delta State have been warned against tampering with crude oil and petroleum products pipelines that transverse the waterways and land space of the area.

Mr. Daniel Reyenieju, House of Representatives member, gave the warning, during a courtesy visit by the Federated Benin River Women.

Reyenieju, who represents Warri Federal Constituency in the House, said “our ecological and economic, present and future are constantly being undermined and endangered as a result of the current surge in crude oil theft and crude ‘refining’ being carried on by some miscreants.

“Because of sheer greed and the propensity to get rich at all costs, they go to the ridiculous end of busting pipes and siphoning crude oil for sale and ‘refining,’ and in the process, much of the crude oil is spilled into waters and lands, thus endangering our present and future, economically and ecologically.

“It is clear that the diesel produced from the crude processes of refining have destroyed a lot of engines since they are not up to standard. In the process, we undermine ourselves economically as such engines will have to be replaced. This is most wicked and anyone caught in this criminal act will be prosecuted.”

He praised the efforts of the military in combating the surge and appealed to the military authorities to encourage the current leadership of the army in the area for a job well done.

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  • We support the lawmaker’s warning and urge those in authority to make a conscious effort to raise the level of sensitisation, especially in the face of the recent petrol tanker fire in Rivers state which has claimed the lives of over 124 people.

  • Samaila sansani

    They hav nothing to do morethan that, why is it not happen in other country that also hav a fuel? Bcos they are justifying everything.