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Iran nuclear crisis gets ‘scarier’ – Hayden, fmr CIA director

29 July 2012, Sweetcrud – Former CIA Director General Michael Hayden delivered a disturbing message during a LIGNET intelligence panel discussion on the serious threat a nuclear Iran poses to the United States.

“Every time you turn the page, it gets scarier,” the former CIA director said during the exclusive briefing provided by LIGNET, Newsmax’s new global intelligence and forecasting online service

Amid intelligence reports suggesting that Israel may be striking Iran soon — and that U.S. forces are increasing in the region — the LIGNET Iran Crisis Briefing uncovered what lies ahead for Israel, the U.S. and the implications for the world economy.

Joining Gen. Hayden for the online briefing were Arnaud de Borchgrave, famed journalist and a global threat expert with the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS), and former CIA senior analyst and LIGNET managing editor Fred Fleitz. The briefing was moderated by Thomas Sanderson, a senior fellow with CSIS.

De Borchgrave offered a dire prediction when asked how oil prices will be affected by an attack on Iran, which has already threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a vital oil shipping channel.

And Fleitz says diplomacy is no longer an option. He says negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are “in trouble” with “no prospect for breakthrough” and Iran “wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

Other topics addressed during the online event included:

What is the full extent of Iran’s nuclear program
The reason the U.S. must make it clear “we hold escalation dominance”
How soon could Iran have a nuclear weapon
Iran’s policy to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan
Will President Obama accept a nuclear Iran
Iran’s close link to Hezbollah
When will Israel launch an airstrike on Iran
Iran’s support of the Syrian regime and its brutal crackdown on rebels
A nuclear Iran leaves the world hostage to terror
How would Iran retaliate to an Israeli strike
Would such a response include biological, chemical or even “dirty” nuclear bombs
What are the chances Iran will make a pre-emptive strike against the U.S.
What are the implications for the dollar, the euro, and gold
And more

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  • As the world faces the prospect of yet another major crises in the Middle East and its implications for oil prices, we hope the Nigerian government is equally preparing for the prospects of increased pressure on its crude oil supplies, but more importantly, what to do about the prospects of increased revenue receipts.

  • Babangida Bashir Bangiskhan via Facebook

    Yes! Iran must use militery action against Israel, as soon as Israel makes any move, surely Israel is within Tehranian missiles, they can simply wipe Israel off on the face of the earth. Indeed America and Israel are the most threat to the world peaceful coexistance.

    Of course Nigeria must use this opportunity wisely….

  • He that saved them from king pharoh of egypt is not dead & will never die, & will still stand 4 them. They will keep ejnoying the land promise 2 them by Allah.

  • He that saved them from king pharoh of egypt is not dead & will never die, & will still stand 4 them. They will keep ejnoying the land promise 2 them by Allah.