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Don’t pay for electricity poles, Nnaji tells Nigerian power consumers

02 August 2012, Sweetcrude, ABUJA – Minister of Power, Prof. Barth
Nnaji, says it is criminal for any Power Holding Company of Nigeria,
PHCN, official to demand for money from electricity consumers to replace wooden electricity poles with concrete ones before installation of pre-paid meters.

The minister made the clarification while briefing State House correspondents on the outcome of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting presided over on Wednesday by Vice-President Namadi Sambo.

Nnaji was reacting to allegations that PHCN officials were demanding for between N20,000 and N30,000 from consumers to effect the swap.

He said poles were public property and consumers should report any PHCN officials that demanded for money to his office.

The minister, however, explained that the exception to the directive was only if the poles were within the premises of a company or a large estate.

“The poles are not owned by individuals unless they are within the property of a company or very large estate, otherwise, the poles tend to be public ownership which means PHCN-owned and therefore, they should not ask for money to change poles.

“Changing poles from wooden to concrete is simply about stability to ensure that they remain in place for much longer period, but anybody that is being asked to pay money should report to us,” the minister said.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, recalls that as part of the reform of the power sector, government increased electricity tariff and introduced pre-paid meters for all consumers.

Every consumer with analogue PHCN meter is expected to change to the new pre-paid meter, free of charge, for easy payment for the facility.

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  • Prof Nnaji is well aware that Nigerians pay for everything from electricity poles to electricity metres which most of us still have to pay to get installed years after. Indeed not only have some of us still not gotten the metres we paid for, we also purchase power transformers and still pay PHCN to come and install for us. We however welcome his call and urge him to put in place a protocol for obtaining service without unnecessary delays. A global survey once identified the Nigerian Police and NEPA, now PHCN as the most corrupt organisations in Nigeria. The IG of police is trying to clean up the act of the force and seem to be getting somewhere by the singular act of clearing the roads of check points. Perhaps the minister can borrow a leaf from this.

  • Pple where no even get analog nko. Phcn dey use us here dey drive jeep, abeg oga minista hlp us out.

  • Well it is easy to say but, hard to practice…..

  • Alfred Suberu via Facebook

    Brace-up for the beginning of industrial revolution in Nigeria. Local goods will be produced en-mass, foreign investors will be able to have investment security and do business at low risk, Nigerian families will enjoy proper standard of living, the quality of our local products will gradually improve to compete with international standards, research and development projects can be conducted in Nigeria with massive subsidy from IMF and World bank, the surge of brain pool of Nigeria out of the country will be balanced by a desire to return home to functioning infrastructure. The revolution will not be televised. Original innovation shall be all around us. Even Great Britain had a industrial revolution after the 2nd world war with their benefits from the colonies. We back you with prayers Prof Bart Nnaji.

  • where i stay in benin,ugbowo to be precise we bought pole to replace the old one that fell. phcn refused to give us pole. they said it will take them six months to replace the pole. that the best thing that we will do is to buy a new pole which we did. we were asked to pay the guy that came to do the connection. this incident happened last three months. the name of the street is justice omage street ugbowo benin city by federal road before ubth.

  • So,hw do we get it? Or isnt it the same PHCN ? After payin for Meter,still had to grease someones palm before i collected the meter..otherwise ”they have not sent meter from Abuja”

  • Why those people allow them to whatever they wish
    ,we have to take an action ?

  • Prof. Thank you fof ur clarification about phcn poles what about Transformers? Because i recall very well, on several occassions cases where residents have to contribute money to repair or replace a bad Transformer, are they not also public property?

  • Okay,we shld come n b using ur own..U’r in ABUJA ordering nt 2 buy pole..

  • Tanx mr. Minister bt pls, how do we make our complain to you cos am facing the problem now. We applied for installations ,they told us to buy poles and buy new copper wires which we did, the remaining problem now is that we must pay 30k for their workmanship,pls, how do we contact you sir

  • Muhammed Abdullahi via Facebook

    @ignatious A. Poke d minister he is under air condition enjoying his coffee making impossible statement. Let him tell us how his blue print on how he plan to monitor the disbursement of the poles.

  • but here in Afikpo we do not only pay for pole we pay for wire and bad dead transformer.

  • Bt w cn pay 4 crazy bill