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Ghana takes delivery of pipes for national gas project

06 August 2012, Sweetcrude, ACCRA – GHANA Gas Company, GGA, has taken delivery of about 3,271 pipes from China for the country’s National Gas Project at the Takoradi Port.

Dr Joe Obeng-Adjei, Minister of Energy; Dr Kwesi Botchwey, Chairman of the board of the Ghana Gas Company; Dr George Adjah Spia-Yankey, Chief Executive Officer of the company and the Western Regional Minister, Mr Paul Evans Aidoo, inspected the consignment on MV Amber Halo that brought in the equipment.

Another consignment of about 3,271 is due to arrive soon, Ghana News Agency reports.

The team later inspected a camp for the storage of about 1,268 of the pipes at Mampong near Takoradi.

Speaking to the media, Dr Obeng-Adjei said most of the equipment for the project have arrived and the laying of the pipes would soon begin.

He urged the contractors, Sinopec International Petroleum of China, to execute quality work within the stipulated budget and on schedule, adding that work done must meet international standards.

He also urged that quality be not overlooked in the quest to meet the deadline.

The minister appealed to communities in areas where the pipelines would be laid to be cooperative and not to create tensions and fan conflicts with people working on the project.

Dr Botchway said the local content of the project would be upheld whether or not there is a Local Content Law.

He said impression has been created that locals would be sidelined in the labour force for the project but this is not the case.

Dr Botchway said local people have been engaged for the project and expertise would only be brought from outside when it is lacking in the country.

Dr Spia-Yankey said it was the wish of the President that the project became a reality and the Ghana Gas Company was doing everything to make it happen.

He said government would pay adequate compensation to those whose crops and properties would destroyed by the project.

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  • The Ghanaian oil and gas industry has really come alive. Let’s hope measure have been put in place to guard against the debilitating effects of the ‘resource curse’.

  • thumbs up for ghana,where d system is now working.where projects and dealings are made transparent as much as possible.but nigeria is d opposite,d system is failing and d president and his cabinet are clueless.Ghana is making progress witout people like ngozi,allison and co who are foolin us and rather than tackle d issues @ hand.d PIB bill is sumtin we can’t achieve.fools,instead dey decided to punish innocent nigerians.pls i will encourage GEJ and his ineffective cabinet to take a coachin trip to Ghana

  • @Ogunyemi don’t be rational. U more than a fool?

  • Hello Oladotun Ogunyemi and Peter Samson please, please let’s be restrained in the use of abusive language. Also note that resort to abuse in the course of an argument is a clear portrayal of intellectual deficiency. You can both make your points without resorting to abuse, please.