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Mobil begins clean-up of Akwa Ibom oil spill site

20 August 2012, Sweetcrude, UYO – MOBIL Producing Nigeria, MPN, on Monday began the clean-up of Ibeno coastline contaminated by an oil spill reported on August 13.

It was gathered that the oil company engaged 40 youths from the communities affected by the spill in the clean-up.

The operator of the Qua Iboe oil fields, MPN, said although it was still conducting tests on the oil samples to determine the source of the spill, it had accepted to clean up the shoreline.

The company said in a statement signed by Mr Nigel Cookey-Gam, Manager Communications and Government Affairs, that “the source of the hydrocarbon remains unknown as fingerprinting of collected samples is ongoing.

‘The statement said ‘MPN remains committed to ensuring that the health and environment of our neighbouring communities are protected.”

Meanwhile, residents of Esit Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom have urged the local government authority to ensure that the oil company would take responsibility for losses caused by the spill.

Mr John Cyril, a youth leader in Ibeno, said that the number of youths engaged for the clean-up was inadequate.

“It is very unfortunate that Mobil can, at this period of emergency, be talking of saving costs when the safety of people is threatened.

“The more people they hire, the faster the work but if they are seeking to keep costs low, the job will be delayed” Cyril said.

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  • This is indeed a more responsible approach to doing business. We commend Mobil for taking this path of honour rather than belabour the issue with irresponsible excuses.

  • This is exactly what the NOSDRA Act requires of them. In as much as it is around their facility, sabotage or not; they have to clean it prior to determing the source and cause. They ve tried to be responsible.