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Foreign oil workers to undergo biometrics capture in Nigeria

Kunle Kalejaye,
Victor Igiri & Ada Onwunali

31 August 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS—NIGERIA has concluded plans to subject expatriate oil workers in the country to biometric capture to streamline their entry into its oil and gas sector.

It explained that the move became necessary in view of the continuous flouting of expatriate quota by companies operating in the sector, leading to the takeover of industry jobs that have enough Nigerian capacity by foreigners.

Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board, NCDMB, Mr. Ernest Nwapa, made this known at an annual oil and gas conference in Lagos.

He said, “We are going to capture all foreign companies that want to do business in the country’s petroleum sector; we will then issue them the Nigerian Content permit so that they can fully participate in the sector. They must get clearance to work in the industry.”

According to him, the process will boost and stimulate capacity building in the sector, as government was increasingly concerned that Nigerians with requisite capacities were losing jobs to their foreign counterparts.

Nwapa noted that in the past, oil companies had found ways to circumvent the quota system by getting unchecked approvals through the Ministry of Interior, stressing that with the biometric capture, government would be able to know how many of such expatriates were in the industry and in which sector.

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  • We believe that the Nigerian Immigration Service should have available biometric data on all immigrant workers in the country, including the oil and gas sector. If this was not obtained before they were granted entry visa by the Nigerian embassy in their countries of origin, then it could have been obtained at the point of entry. It certainly would amount to duplication of functions and a waste of time to obtain these data all over again.

  • A waste of fund as well- Does the NIS have a comprehensive data-base of alliens living in Nigeria? I doubt! They re busy collecting bribes at the terminals

  • Sunny Kiri via Facebook

    Nigeria Immigrations are all thiefs and that the poeple in the international airport are all criminals

  • Sunny Kiri via Facebook

    They are just ther beging for money