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Oil and gas host communities urge speedy passage of PIB

14 September 2012, Sweetcrude, WARRI – HOST Communities of Nigeria Oil and Gas, HOSTCON, has called on the National Assembly to ensure an early passage of the much awaited Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, saying delay in passing the bill into law was a set back to the development plan of the Niger Delta.

Chief James Orubu, chairman of Ijaw chapter of HOSTCON, said at a press briefing in Warri that the National Assembly may have tinkered “with most of the vital ingredients contained in the bill”, it would still serve the interest of the Niger Delta people.

According to him, the PIB will alleviate the suffering of the people of the Niger Delta and lead to economic growth and development if properly implemented.

“The PIB should be implemented now. The training and process that will make the local contents work should be adopted. Local contents law and all that related to it should be well funded. It should not be only paper document but physical implementation of its contents is highly desirable,” he said.

Chief Orubu also called for the practice of true federalism in Nigeria to ensure seriousness on the part of every region or zone in taking care of the people and to drive developemnt.

“We should go back to the 100 per cent retention of what comes from your land and pay tax to the Central government. When this is done, every part of the country will be committed and work hard to develop its area or region.

“This will reduce tension and greed. When this happens, no part of the country will be a parasite any more, and development will be rapid,” he further said.

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