A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Fuel scarcity hits Lagos

Lucky Oji

16 September 2012, Sweetcrude, LAGOS – THE fuel scarcity that rocked Abuja and some states across Nigeria in the past few weeks may have reached Lagos.

In many fuel stations in Lagos State, Saturday, long queues of vehicles were seen reportedly over fear that petrol would not be available in the next few days.
The imbroglio between marketers and the Federal Government over non-payment of petroleum subsidy to the former had sparked a strike that paralysed Abuja.

The marketers gave the government two weeks to resolve the verification claims on those that collected money without supplying the product.

They threatened to embark on a full scale strike if at the end the Federal Government fails to resolve the issue and pay them their outstanding.

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  • This is what petroleum products import dependent economies such of that of Nigeria will continue to face for as long as the country remains imports dependent.

  • Sufferıng ın d mıdst of plenty. Do we say ıts weak leadershıp? Why cant d crude oıl wells ın my granny’s farmland be processed. Is ıt dat prıvate partıcıpatıon ın refınıng ın Nıg ıs unvıable?