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Moss Petroleum plans multi-dollar projects for Koko Town

18 September 2012, Sweetcrude, WARRI – MOSS Petroleum International, an oil and gas company, says it will build a multi-dollar gas plant as well as six ultra modern oil tank farms in Koko, Delta State.

Mr. Steven Igbinose, managing director of the company, who disclosed this, assured indigenes of the area of massive employment arising from the projects.

He stated that Koko was chosen as site for the projects following a feasibility study, showing the area as central for oil and gas business.

He said of the decision: “We studied the oil business environment and discovered that Koko is both strategic and central for such business.

“You know that 99 per cent of Nigeria’s oil is produced in the Delta State. So, siting our firm there would make a lot of things easier for us and more beneficial to the people of Nigeria too.

“The presence of Benin River will allow for quick and easy access for bulk loading and unloading, thereby translating to a competitive advantage”.

According to him, Lagos, for instance, was out of the question, based on the knowledge that it has a hugely congested port, which is why major oil companies are already relocating to the Delta region.

“Koko is just the right place to site Moss because it also afforded us the opportunity to acquire a comfortable land space that can accommodate all that we intend to put up,” he added.

He disclosed that the planned tank farm would have six storage tanks that would have two each for diesel, gasoline and kerosene.

His company, he said, would be involved in bulk sales and broking, adding that the plan was to develop a network of retail service stations.

“There would be a loading gantry with six product pumps that has the capacity to dispense 150 thousand litres of product, each, per hour. Our HGV oil tanker fleet is already on ground and the oil tanker fleet is ready too, which will facilitate ship to ship bulk transfer,” he added.

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