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Bribery: Pressure on Police to charge Otedola with Lawan

Kingsley Omonobi

25 October 2012, Sweetcrude, ABUJA — THERE are indications that the Police are under intense pressure to charge Mr. Femi Otedola, the chairman of Zenon Oil and accuser of Hon. Farouk Lawan, erstwhile chairman of the House of Representatives Probe Committee, in the $1.3 million bribery allegation.

The position is that if at all Lawan is to be prosecuted, the oil magnate, who is also the chairman of the former African Petroleum, now Forte Oil, be charged along with him.

It was gathered that the delay in arraigning Lawan after months of conclusion of investigation  on the matter followed intrigues and pressure being mounted on the government by top brass of the National Assembly to drop the charges against Lawan.

With government insistence that the matter was purely left for the Police to handle and that it will abide by Police findings, pressure is now mounting on the police to also charge Otedola over the matter.

Sources said this may lead to the Federal Government intervening to give Lawan a safe landing.

However, Lawan, the embattled former chairman of House Adhoc Committee on fuel subsidy probe, has continued to report to the police authorities in compliance with his bail condition which says he should be reporting twice a week to the police.

Consequently, a register was opened for him, which he has been signing every time he reports to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Sweetcrude gathered that so far, he has obeyed the directive diligently and signed attendance register about 40 times.

When he visited the Force Headquarters, Wednesday, Lawan, clad in a milk-coloured kaftan, was seen signing the register.

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  • We had stated here before that the proper thing to do is charge both the giver and taker of any bribe. Femi Otedola was simply trying to be clever by half when he reported the matter. The timing indicated it was an after thought. It also goes to reason that if like he claims it was a sting operation mounted by the SSS, Farouk Lawan should have been arrested on the spot, same applies to the clerk of the committee. That is the intent and principle of a sting operation. When you are stung by a bee or a rattle snake, you don’t get to feel the impact weeks later, you feel it right there and then. Similarly, when the police mounts a sting operation, arrests are made immediately and not much later.

  • Why will they be charged? If is d poor that stole pepper or maggi they would have charged him/her or a sentence to death if nt instant killing

  • …charge the bastards…

  • Do D police need 2 B pressurised B4 executing thier constitutional duties?These people should B tried,as D law is no respecter of persons n position!

  • d giver and the taker should face d music.

  • Why charge them when they are sleeping in” prison” called “houses with high walls, electric fence, buglar prove, eating toxic foods etc. Do u think they believe in GOD? NO!! Other wise they wouldnt be stealing nd betraying the ‘trust’ entrusted’ to them but ” kullu nafsin za’ikatul nafs” grave is…

  • i tink d gever nd d teker shud b charge acondile