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Lagos, Ogun want peaceful resolution to dispute over oil community

30 October 2012, Sweetcrude LAGOS – LAGOS and Ogun State governments say they are committed to a peaceful resolution of a boundary dispute over Ode Omi, an oil and gas-rich community, located in Ibeju-Lekki of Lagos State.

They want the National Boundary Commission, NBC, to determine which of the states the community belongs to.

They made their position known in a communiqué, which the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and his Ogun State counterpart, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, jointly issued after a meeting on the boundary issues between the two states.

The communiqué said the outstanding issues in respect of Sector C, specifically Ode Omi, “will be addressed at a later date. In the meantime, the two states agreed to maintain the status quo and await the determination by the Commission.”

Prior to the meeting last week in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the Lagos State government had laid claim to more than 70 per cent of the oil and gas-rich community, which borders Ogun State on the eastern part of the state.

On a visit to the community early this year, the Commissioner for Rural Development, Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi, said a survey conducted in 1983 during the administration of ex-Governor Lateef Jakande “shows that over 70 per cent of Ode Omi belongs to Lagos State.

According to the communiqué issued at the end of the meeting, the two governors deliberated on matters of mutual interests such as those bordering on land and taxation.

It was also agreed that the deputy governors of the two states would soon commence the joint signposting of the boundaries that have been agreed upon by the two states.

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  • It is heart warming to see this level of cooperation between both states. Unfortunately, Cross River and Akwa Ibom states didn’t have a similar disposition towards resolution of their boundary dispute over oil bearing communities.

  • victor

    Thanks sweetcrude reporters.I am one the indigene of this town in dispute. well we only regret that when development was on,ibikunle Amosun and co wrote petition against lagos state government for putting infrastructure there. Ogun state neglected the town for more than 35yrs knowing that this land does not belong to them,because of this fact,they are just tapping from us to rich there pocket. We the son and daughter of this ancient community have to come together and find lasting solution to the problem which our forefather has faced. We got the fact the fact that we originally belong to lagos and not ogun state according to geographical prove. This fact has been known to ogun many years ago and that one day we shall come to realise who owns the land. Ogun State did not put any infrastructure there,for instant No ACCESS ROAD,NO ELECTRICITY,NO PIPEBURNE WATER,NO STANDARD SCHOOL ,NO STANDARD HOSPITAL THAT MADE US TO TRAVEL TO IBEJU LEKKI GENERAL HOSPITAL WHENEVER WE HAVE ANY EMMERGENCY BY SANDY ROAD.All and many more have led to searching for solution to WHY ARE WE SUFFERING? Now that lagos state government has come to our aid giving us the infrastructures,they conide with some of indigene of that town to carryout stoppage to the projects going on in that community.We are lagosian and not in ogun state,whatever the case lagos owns ODE OMI and the etirety.Ogus state government should stop debarring our right from mother state,its our right to demand and enjoy devidence of good government,please through this media,Gov. Amisu and co should stop coming to that town and we youth are ready to fight this to achieve what is our right.If he insist some thiing else MUST follows,thanks for this media allert.

  • victor

    Ogun State BAD and GREEDY actions has caused many problems in that town since the project stopped. We are not happy that those ongoing infrastructures project were stopped. Infact is just like we are dreaming when it happened to us.We have been so happy and joyous that our long expectations has come to reality for many years we have been suffering. It was a shock to all and sundry of ODE OMI that Amusun and co causes that. We are ready to fight with not only Gov. Amusun but all those that involved in this,because they throwned us back to darkness because of there selfish interest. Mainwhile,what led to this is the OKLG project which Federal government was trying to put in place. Whatever the case,whether Ogun State government like it or not,ODE OMI BELONG TO LAGOS STATE and nothing will make us to accept whatever they are planing to offer because ode omi has been mistakingly existing under them and nothing was done,now that lagos state rose to our aids they remember a place call ode omi,not even allowing infrastructure to come in.God in his infinite thrown will judge Amosun and others that involved in putting stop to good things going on there,thanks.