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JTF destroys 35 illegal refineries, 18 boats

Dayo Johnson

07 January 2013, Sweetcrude, Akure — Over 35 illegal oil refineries and 18 local boats used by bunkerers were, weekend, destroyed by the Joint Task Force on Oil Bunkering operating in Ondo State.

The Joint Task Force which stormed the riverine communities burnt down all illegal refineries in a two-day operation in the coastal communities of Ondo, Edo and Delta states.

The operation was in conjunction with a private security outfit, Gallery Security Services Limited owned by an ex-militant High Chief Bebopiri Ajube that intercepted over 1.6 million litres of stolen crude last week.

The raid, which lasted over five hours, involved soldiers from the 19th Battalion in Okitipupa and Naval officers from the Forward Operation Base at Igbokoda.

The illegal refineries are hidden in the creeks of Dababilebu, Akitogbo, Adiloseimo, Obontonu and Akina-Zion communities.

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  • The JTF is doing a good job of ridding Nigeria’s waterways, creeks and canals of undesirable elements. We commend their efforts.

  • To me they are not doing the right job because fG should for once legalize it just the way they legalize pure water so that no need to be taking our crude outside to refine it because on this process of refining our crude we lost so many refined product and at the other end some leaders want nigerians to remain as a slave which is not good for once our GOvernMEnt should have a rethink because what we are going out to look for is in our kitchen

  • Someone who enriched himself through the same means Ȋ̝̊̅§ now a security expert; attacking others. There are no DPK in gas stations, †ђξ only people that have ȋ̝̊̅†, buy from these so called illegal refineries that has been sustaining Nigerians. The same people behind this are †ђξ same once stealing Nigeria’s wealth. Illegal refineries, why not legalise them?