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Ex-militants threaten to make Niger Delta ungovernable

Festus Ahon

02 March 2013, Warri – MIFFED by perceived abnormalities in the management of the phase three of the amnesty programme, Niger Delta ex-militant leaders have threatened to make the oil rich region ungovernable if they are not given the same treatment as their colleagues in phases one and two of the programme.

Reacting to the alleged mismanagement of the programme on behalf of members of the Phase three of the programme, an ex-militant leader, Mr. Emmanuel Johnson, alleged that they were being marginalized by the Special Assistant to the President on Amnesty Programme, Mr. Kingsley Kuku.

He noted that Kuku has not been fair to those of them in the third Phase since they were disarmed.

“Two slots each were being given to fake camp commanders and as such the fake commanders will in turn pick anybody they like in the society, which did not occur in phase one and two of the programme,” he alleged.

Lamenting that the slots were being hijacked from those that were disarmed for peace to reign in the Niger Delta region, he further alleged that they were also being short-changed by way of counting 20 guns for 2 slots of beneficiaries.

“Mr. Kuku is not being fair to those of us of the 3rd Phase since after we were disarmed. We have been grossly marginalized because what is due us have not been given to us as the amnesty law permits.

“I must say that the amnesty programme is not working for the interest of the Phase 3 Niger Delta ex-militants,” he said.

Johnson urged President Goodluck Jonathan to call Mr. Kingsley Kuku to order by prevailing on him to give the third phase the same slots as Phases one and two of the Amnesty Programme to avoid bloodshed in the Niger Delta.

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