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David West cautions Jonathan on fuel subsidy

Ola Ajayi

20 March 2013, Ibadan – Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Prof. Tam David-West has warned President Goodluck Jonathan not to rupture the peace of the country by increasing pump price of petroleum products.

While speaking with newsmen in Ibadan yesterday, the don said the increase of pump fuel price was nothing but fraud.

President Jonathan was quoted to have said he would remove the fuel subsidy.

He said, “I expected the President to have been converted by now that there is no subsidy and that it is all fraud. He should be converted to save the poor people from suffering. Even the government investigation has confirmed that there is no subsidy. The government has also given the public 10 different figures”.

According to him, the inconsistency of the government “is like amoeba; the subsidy has no fixed shape. As amoeba changes shape, so does President Jonathan’s fuel subsidy change. This shows that they are not sure.”

He added that as at now, the government had given 10 different figures on the so-called subsidy

“Nigeria is no Liliput with nitwits. In fact, a lot of Nigerians are more knowledgeable than him. He cannot take Nigeria for a ride.”

“President Jonathan should remember the old Latin aphorism that whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. He should never add to more burden to the already suffering people. It will be the last straw for the suffering masses,” David-West noted.

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