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Saudi, Iran in battlle for OPEC research top job

OPEC22 April 2013, Vienna, Austria – Saudi Arabia and Iran have sponsored candidates to head the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, research division.

The race between the two arch-rivals is to replace the departed head of research, an influencial post in the organisation.

The two Middle East nations already have nominees to replace Abdalla Salem el-Badri as secretary general, the most important position at OPEC.

But, Middle East officials say a permanent replacement is being sought after the departure of Hasan Qabazard, the former director of OPEC research division. He has been replaced on a temporary basis by Oswaldo Tapia, the latest OPEC monthly report shows.

The position is important because it entails overseeing the monthly report, which spells out the group’s views on oil markets and supply requirements.

Muhammad Ali Khatibi, Iran’s OPEC governor, said “we have a candidate for the head of research and the secretary general,” adding it had proposed one different person for each job. A Gulf delegate said Saudi Arabia has also put forward a “technocrat” for the job.

The competition for the job comes as OPEC members are facing a raft of new challenges, from mounting budget pressures fuelling higher oil-price needs and competition from non-conventional oil production in the U.S.

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