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Boom for solar power in Kenya’s Coastal region

Solar panels26 April 2013, Nairobi – Developers in Kenya’s Coastal region are increasingly turning to solar energy for residential projects due to high cost and erratic nature of power supply from the national grid.

As a result, installation of solar panels on rooftops for new and old projects is growing as clients demand for more reliable energy for heating water.

Chloride Exide, a major battery, solar and back-up supplier in East Africa, recently installed and commissioned eight water heating units at Nautilus residences, a new development of luxury single storey homes built for sale in Kilifi.

“The heating units installed are indirect cylindrical tanks which are best suited for salty water,” said the Coast area manager of Chloride Exide, Sheikh Margubali.

According to him, the region is one of the sunniest places in South Africa and it was, therefore, necessary that the resource is fully exploited to reduce cost in constructing and maintaining residential houses.

Margubali said homes could cut 65 per cent in cost of power through use of solar power.

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