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Sudan denies gas shortage

Tankers02 May 2013, Khartoum — Sudan has denied that a gas shortage exists in the country, saying there are sufficient levels available to meet internal demand.

Oil minister, Awad Ahmed Al-Jazz, disclosed this at a press conference on the occasion of launching new gas tankers in Khartoum.

He said that determination of gas prices is the responsibility of the ministry of finance while oil ministry is responsible for the provision of oil and petroleum products.

Al-Jazz further stressed his ministry’s ability to produce gas inside all Sudanese territory but gave no figures on Sudan’s current production.

Managing Director of PetroTrans, Abd-alaziz Dafaa Alla, said the company has introduced 25 new trucks which would enable them to transport a 6,000 tons of gas monthly, adding that this amount is sufficient to fill the gap for the time being.

The state’s minister at the oil ministry, Faisal Hamad, for his part, said that the gas transport project is part of their efforts to provide strategic goods.

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