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Kenya’s installed power capacity up 4.7 percent

Alaoji power plant27 May 2013, Nairobi – Kenya’s installed capacity for electricity generation has rised by 4.7 per cent following new hydro-power plants commissioned last year.

The country now generates 1,606.1 megawatts, mw, compared to 1,534.3mw in 2011, the Economic Survey 2013 shows.

Demand for electricity also increased by 2.2 per cent in the year to 6,414.4 Kilowatt hour.

The additional increase came from the
44mw capacity Kindaruma, 21mw from Sang’oro, 5mw at Wellhead and 2.5mw at Eburru power stations. Geothermal power’s installed capacity also increased by 9mw to 199.6mw, while capacity for the expensive thermal energy went up by 27.9mw in the year, the survey indicated.

Total electricity generated increased by 3.9 per cent in 2012, having risen to a record 7,851.3 Gigawatt Hours from 7,559.9GWh in the previous year. This was helped by good rainfall in the year.

“The growth was mainly driven by a 21.6 per cent increase in hydro generation which accounted for 50.7 per cent of total electricity generation,” Anne Waiguru, the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning, said.

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