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Zambia’s mining, energy sectors plan towards 2020

President of Zambia, Michael Sata26 June 2013, Lusaka – The recent third Zambian International Mining and Energy Conference and exhibition held in Lusaka reaffirms Zambian government’s commitment to ensuring that the proceeds from the mineral resources benefit the Zambian people.

The conference held under the theme: ‘Developing Zambia’s Mining and Energy Sectors Towards 2020’ was in line with the country’s national development goals of enhancing and achieving sustainable growth.

The conference, which was organised by AME Trade in partnership with the Association of Zambian Mineral Exploration Companies, AZMEC, attracted more than 300 delegates and mining giants including Mopani copper Mines, Rio Tinto, First Quantum Minerals and Kagem, among others.

However, while mining still remains the major contributor to Zambia’s economic growth, there is need to aggressively diversify the economy in order to cushion against the negative effects of external shocks.

It is important to note that, despite the growth areas being in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, mining and energy, the development in these areas will be augmented by human advancement.

To support this growth, a viable energy sector is key to achieving sustainable economic development in the country as it is a critical input into all sectors of the economy.

According to the vision of the energy sector in the Sixth National Development Plan, SNDP, “universal access to clean, reliable and affordable energy at the lowest total economic, financial, social and environmental cost consistent with national development goals by 2030”.

Its goal is “to ensure that the above are attained to guarantee availability and accessibility to adequate and reliable supply of energy at the lowest economic, social and environmental cost.

The main thrust of the energy sector will be to expand electricity generation and transmission capacities and enhance cost-effectiveness in fuel supply.

In order to power Zambia’s growth, Zesco Limited said it would track its demand challenges and supply by ensuring that there is adequate supply of electricity in the country.

The company is undertaking various projects to tackle the challenges of demand versus supply.

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