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PHCN: More bills, less power in Yobe

ERERA Power lines03 August 2013, Damaturu – For quite sometime, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, has not been living up to the expectations of Yobe State residents in particular and the nation in general.

What is more disturbing is the outrageous bills sent to innocent Nigerians monthly. It would seem the more these bills are paid, the less power supply that consumers enjoy.

Mallam Kabiru Ibrahim decried this development, narrating how the downtrodden masses were being subjected to the extortionist policies of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN.

He lamented paying huge bills but having nothing to show for them, adding that PHCN officials were in the habit of arrogantly disconnecting lines without cogent reasons.

Meanwhile, a top PHCN official in Damaturu who declined to be named said epileptic power supply was a nationwide phenomenon. “Currently, there is no supply from the transmission station which we are getting from Potiskum; while Potiskum get its supply from Gombe.

At present, Yobe is getting 30 Megawatts of power, Borno 70 Megawatts, Bauchi 50 Megawatts, Gombe 60 Megawatts and Ashaka 30 Megawatts. The power supply to these states is not adequate. A state that is supposed to have 30 megawatts is being given 3 megawatts; while the second aspect of the problem PHCN is facing is the distance from Potiskum to Damaturu which covers about 1,400 poles. Whenever a single pole is faulty, it can affect the whole state.

“Comparing Potiskum to Damaturu which has 3 poles to maintain, it is easier in Potiskum due to the fact that Damaturu is the only state with 33 KV lines which is insufficient, considering that more housing estates are being constructed on a yearly basis.”

The state government is presently making effort to see to the completion of the 330 KV line off Maiduguri road which would ensure a permanent solution to power supply problems in Yobe State.

Politics at the federal levels has really hindered the quick restoration of power supply in Yobe and Borno due to the fact that Yobe and Borno are ANPP state not PDP.

– Bala Ajiya, Vangiuard

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