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Kenya cracks down on black market gas trade

Gas08 August 2013, Nairobi – Kenya’s Energy Regulatory Commission has stepped up the war against black-market activities in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas market. Last week it raided two sites in Nairobi that were in operation illegally in convention with the energy act.

The regulator also confiscated up to 408 cylinders of assorted assorted LPG cylinder seals for different cylinder brands and weighing scales The LPG market has been marred with black-market activities like operating refilling plants without the right licenses, use of deceitful gas measurements, sale and use of substandard gas cylinders, dangerous transportation of the fuel among others. These poses a danger to consumers.

The commission, with the help of the police also arrested 16 persons who were to be arraigned in court later. Illegal LPG installations continue to pose grave dangers to their neighbourhoods since the minimum safety standards are ignored during the construction and operation of such facilities.

– The Star

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