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Liberia: Police release four power cable theft suspects

electricity_grid23 September 2013, Monrovia – Police in Liberia’s Ganta, Nimba County have released from detention four suspects arrested for alleged power theft. The government recently announced the arrest of five men, who were allegedly involved in the stealing of wires in Ganta City. The suspects are George Bush, Junior Moore, Isaac Martin, Na Kamara and Oliver Balimah.

They were brought to Monrovia for over a week and later sent back to the Ganta Magisterial Court to face trial, but the police reportedly released four and forwarded one to court.

Speaking to The NewDawn Correspondent in Ganta, the City Solicitor-General at the Magisterial Court said the court has rejected the one suspect forwarded on grounds that all five should face prosecution.

The court argued that all five suspects should be presented for trial if the state wants to proceed with the case. Solicitor-General James Boayue said initially, government arrested five suspects, but refused to have them tried in Ganta and brought them to Monrovia.

He accused the Liberia National Police of taking bribe to release four of the five suspects, forwarding only one to court. According to him, the single suspect was forwarded without evidence to prove his involvement in the crime. Solicitor Boayue told the media that he formally wrote the police, requesting for the remaining four suspects.

Copy of the letter, which is in the possession of our Nimba Correspondent reads: “I received a police charge sheet from you which carried suspect names, but you only sent one suspect.

Please note that this case is very sensitive and you do not have any power to free any of the suspects in this particular case. Upon the receipt of this letter, you are hereby strongly advised to re-arrest those suspects whose names are reflected in your charge sheet.”

Atty. Boayue said the government misled the public and the court by sending only one suspect to face justice and allegedly releasing the others.

Mr. Arthur Massaquoi, Communications Consultant to the Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy refused to comment on the matter on grounds that the case is in court, while the Police Commander in Ganta declined to speak on the issue.

– The New Dawn

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