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GE boosts distributed power efforts, improves PH service centre

General Electric18 October 2013, Sweetcrude, Port-Harcourt – In furtherance of its strategic drive to significantly improve the local content of its respective businesses in Nigeria, leading global Infrastructure and Technology Company, General Electric, GE, has expanded the offerings of its Technology Service Centre in Port Harcourt Nigeria to include facilities for AERO Derivative Level II maintenance. The Service Centre was originally established to provide repair services for Oil & Gas and power generation equipment but now has added capability for AERO Derivative maintenance.

The technology service centre had previously been established for the repair and servicing of Oil & Gas and Power equipment.

Customers from the aviation and energy sectors who attended the GE customer to showcase the additional service offerings event were taken through intensive training on product operations and preventive maintenance procedures. The customers expressed their delight at the quality of technical support that is now available to them at the GE centre, which will significantly improve their operational efficiency.

Speaking at the event, GE’s Distributed Power Leader George Njenga said the GE Technical service facility was built in line with GE’s known tradition of excellence. He disclosed that aero derivative and gas turbines can now be effectively serviced and repaired in the facility. For the Oil & Gas sector the facility offers inspection and staging for onshore and offshore equipment, including compressors and pumps. According to Mr Njenga, this capability will be transferred to the planned multi-billion naira manufacturing and assembly plant in Calabar.

George Njenga also spoke on GE solutions to address global Energy challenges. According to him, 1.4 billion people globally are completely cut off from the respective national grids and have no access to any alternative Energy source. GE’s Distributed Power business aims at providing solutions that will address this situation. “Distributed Power is power that is generated at or near the point of use. Distributed power will account for 30% of total global electric capacity additions over the next 8 years” said Njenga.

Apart from setting up a dedicated business to provide Distributed Power solutions globally, GE in partnership with USADF recently announced a $2 million Off-Grid energy challenge in Nigeria and Kenya where respective innovators with viable off-grid energy solutions stand a chance of winning up to $100,000. George Njenga declared that the initiative was part of efforts to bring global focus to the Energy challenges across the continent.
*GE Press statement

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