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Zanzibar signs MoU with Shell on oil, gas development

Customers fuel up at a Shell gas station in Westminster21 october 2013, Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR’s Ministry of Energy has confirmed signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shell Company of Netherlands, aimed at developing oil and gas sector in the Isles.

“We recently signed a MoU with Shell company from Netherlands, after signing with RAK Gas from United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Other companies are emerging, but so far Zanzibar has not allowed any company to start exploration,” said Isles’ Minister for Energy, Mr Ramadhan Abdullah Shaaban.

He made the statement at the meeting organised by RAK Gas (Oil and Gas Company) to brief members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives on how Ras Al Khaimah Company operates worldwide and how Zanzibar would benefit if it is given the chance to develop Oil and gas in Zanzibar.

Similar seminar to the Zanzibar law makers was organised by Shell two months ago, Minister Ramadhani and the Shell signed a MoU when President Ali Mohamed Shein visited Netherlands last month.

Some of the legislators were confused triggering thoughts that government has already allowed Oil and Gas development with their (Legislators) knowledge, particularly as the two foreign companies are already supporting some social development projects.

“You should not be worried; no one can dare to enter a deal with any company for the natural resources development without involving you.

The House will be fully involved to discuss and make decision before signing any agreement,” Shaaban said. As RAK Gas Company eagerly waits for permission to develop Oil and Gas in Zanzibar, it is currently supporting the construction of Water Wells for local people to get water, improve health and training of some Zanzibaris in oil and gas knowledge.

Mr Kamal Attaya (Chief Executive Officer of RAK Gas), Mr Joseph Haskell (Chief Operative Officer) and Mr Chris Tinklers (Vice-President- Exploration) teamed up to educate the legislators about their company as House Speaker, Mr Pandu Ameir Kificho praised the company from UAE for transparency.

Officials from RAK gas advised Zanzibar to speed-up the development of Oil and Gas because delays may economically affect the islands if Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania mainland are fully operational in the near future.

The minister said Zanzibar is now waiting for the ultimate decision on Oil and Gas in the Union before it decides which company to enter agreement with to develop its much awaited natural resources.

He said oil and gas will no longer be Union matter, should current proposed Union constitution be supported by Tanzanians.

– Tanzania Daily News

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