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Tanzania’s Singida wind power project to begin operations 2015

wind-farm23 October 2013, Dar es Salaam – PREMIER Mizengo Pinda has been assured that generation of electricity by wind in Singida Region will commence by 2015 after completion of construction of turbines.

During the first phase of the project, 50MW would be generated and after completion of the second phase a total of 150MW would be produced. The Vice-President of China Daliang International Group, Mr Xu Youliang, told the premier that his company is ready to start construction next year and after 15 months the project would be ready to start generating electricity.

The Chinese company is undertaking the project in partnership with the National Development Corporation (NDC).He said that they have failed to start implementing the project this year, because they are waiting for the government of Tanzania to guarantee a loan of 136 US dollars which is the cost of implementing the project.

“We are determined to complete the project on time because we believe once it is completed it would have huge benefits to Tanzania. Shall we start by next year, I assure you that by 2015 it would be completed,” he said.

He noted that for the past three years his company’s engineers have been deployed in the country to conduct feasibility study and lay down all the necessary ground work for the implementation of the project.

During construction of the turbines, 1,000 Tanzanians would be employed and 17 kilometres of road would be constructed in the areas the project would be implemented.

“I assure you that the project would be one of a kind in the whole of the East African region,” he added.

NDC Director, Mr Gideon Nasari told the premier that it is imperative the project will be implemented on time because it is among President Jakaya Kikwete’s promises he intends to fulfil before leaving office.

He also said that NDC has taken up the project because the corporation currently focuses on sources of alternative energy which are cost efficient.

Mr Nasari said that once the project is completed they will be selling electricity to Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) for 23 US cent per Khw, which would be cheaper than electricity generated by gas.

Premier Pinda observed that the government will make sure that it puts in place procedures to guarantee the loan so that funds can be quickly accessed to start the project.

– Tanzania Daily News

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