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Automatic meter reader curbs power theft by big users in Tanzania

electric-meters25 October 2013, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania Electric Supply Company’s (TANESCO) automatic meter reader (AMR) has helped the national power supplier significantly cut down on electricity theft among big users since the gadget was introduced mid this year.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TANESCO Acting Managing Director, Ms Sophia Mgonja, said the AMR system had helped them cut the theft of electricity, especially among industries, to almost zero.

“The system has helped us eliminate the theft of electricity which was being perpetrated by many big power users. The AMR helps to show everything done in the industry and how the power is actually used,” she said. Ms Mgonja challenged big power consumers to instal the gadget because it helps save energy.

According to Ms Mgonja, the government, in collaboration with TANESCO, planned to come up with strategies that will help in reducing higher the use of electric power and eliminate wasteful use in order for the available power to benefit more people who were currently accessing the service.

“We have established an Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) that enhances industrial competitiveness and national economy efficiency in general by reducing the energy bill,” she said, adding that the programme was under the newly introduced Big Results Now (BRN) programme.

For his part, Mr Styden Rwebangila from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral said the biggest challenge facing many power users was knowledge on how to reduce unnecessary uses of energy that could help cut down their running costs. “We expect the EEP programme will help to a large extent to reduce unnecessary uses of electricity, especially by big users, in order to increase their income,” he said.

– Tanzania Daily News

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