A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Cameroon seeks to reduce electricity waste

Power Transmission25 October 2013, Yaounde – Studies show that much of the current supply is lost to inefficient use in homes and industries.

Current energy resources and supplies in the country are enough to meet demand. Paradoxically, electricity needs continue to soar putting more pressure on production and supplies. Stakeholders say enough of the electricity supplied in the country is wasted in the course of home and industrial use.

As a result, government through the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) has decided to hold discussion and exchange forums in order to establish the actual state of the energy situation in the country.

The goal is to come up with ways to reduce waste and cost of electricity in public services and buildings, improve energy efficiency in industries, sensitise homes on possibilities of economising electricity, as well as how to adapt institutional and regulatory frameworks in the electricity sector.

Discussion and exchange workshop on energy efficiency held at the Douala Sawa Hotel on October 24, 2013, under the theme, “Elaborating the electricity demand scenarios and policy development”.

Participants were drawn from industries, public sector, service sector, civil society, universities, donors, financial institutions, among others.

Important points were made that may harmonise energy need and supply, including the drawing up of the various scenarios of electricity demand, development of policies and energy efficiency measures to attain set scenarios, as well as setting up the basis in view of an agreement on the objectives, measures and key policies of the national energy efficiency strategy.

– Cameroon Tribune

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