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Ethiopia among top 10 most attractive solar markets in Africa

Solar panels 114 November 2013, Addis Ababa – The report, Solar Power Opportunities – Africa, provides a comparative framework for analyzing the potential and relative attractiveness of national-level solar markets in Africa and for assessing macro conditions, access to market, national energy policy, growth potential of renewable energy and infrastructure considerations.

According to the report, out of the 54 countries in Africa, 3 have existing installed solar power capacity, which combined, represent 0.07% of solar power capacity installed worldwide.

The top 3 markets based on installed solar capacity are South Africa, Senegal and Eritrea.

Beyond this current installed capacity, there exist many opportunities for solar power developments across the region.

And looking beyond pure installed capacity, the top 10 most attractive solar markets in Africa are South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Mozambique, Eritrea, Kenya and Zambia.

– Ethiopia Radio and Television Agency

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