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Angola has no interest in nuclear energy for military – Minister

Luanda-Angola17 November 2013 – The Foreign Minister Georges Chikoti said Thursday in Luanda that Angola needs to know better and master the nuclear science, in view of its great importance in medicine and other fields, without ever considering military purposes.

Georges Chikoti said there is no interest in nuclear energy just to say that the country is a nuclear power.

To him, this kind of instrument does not contribute to peace and causes more difficulties than ease.

However, he added, “We need to know and master this technology. We work on the basis of the Vienna, Austria, where we have an ambassador, so that we can master this technology on what it can be useful.”

“Therefore, we have no interest to be a military nuclear power to worry others,” stated the Minister.

As to recurring information on espionage in the world, the Minister said the world is experiencing a relatively complex period, following the phases like that of international terrorism in which for several times intelligence networks and other means were used to attain some purposes.

According to him, countries always spied on one another on various things. Of course the great nations always spied on one another as well in technological terms to take advantages or learn of what the other is up to.

Obviously, he added, these matters have become a bit more public because of some denounces made by Eduardo Snowden.

However, according to Chikoti, “we have to be aware that these issues occur from the lowest to the highest level and I think that eventually what bothered most some countries is the fact that they are partners and the partner being the big spy who wants to control even the telephone conversations of the leaders in those countries.”

The Minister added that “we must say that even if they deny it they do it. Now I think that this also can appear to be , in fact , a sign of some frustration, in that if everything has to be spied on the way we saw it, it is because that who does it has worries.”

Georges Chikoti recalled that countries have an economic and scientific growth and were used to this, but they note that for a certain period they are faced with a recession and others are doing well or want to control everything, know what someone is , if a friend or not.

He mentioned that projections for 2025/2030 estimate that there will be new nations as medium-sized world powers. Some cases are not necessarily in Europe or America.

The Minister hinted that no one can predict what countries like Brazil, Turkey and China will be like within 20 to 30 years or what the world itself will be like, which leaves some worried.

On the other hand, the Minister expressed the wish for a peaceful world.

He added that Angola is a peaceful nation seeking the consolidation of its peace, its development and relations of friendship with all countries of the world.

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