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East Darfur transport prices rise 300% due to fuel shortage

Fuel-dispencer22 November 2013, Ed Daein — The population of Ed Daein, the capital of East Darfur, is complaining about a fuel shortage in the state as well as the high transportation tariffs.

An owner of a lorry told Radio Dabanga that the price of a gallon of petrol increased to SDG80 ($14) on the black market, while its price at the pumps is SDG29 ($5).

The price of a gallon of diesel has amounted to SDG60 ($10.50) on the black market. Consequently the transportation tariffs have increased from SDG1 ($0.17) to SDG3 ($0.52) within Ed Daein, the capital of East Darfur, and from SDG40 ($7) to SDG80 ($14) between the localities.

The lorry owner added that the security forces have restricted the use of fuel to two gallons per vehicle a day. “There are only two pump stations operating, out of the total of 18 pumps in the city.

One of them belongs to the security forces and the other is a commercial one, belonging to the Matthew Company. Both of them are operating for two hours a day, from 5am until 7am.”

He noted that everyone in the state is complaining about the “fuel crisis”, harming the income of many. “Some lorry and bus owners even stopped their businesses.”

– Radio Dabanga

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