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Project to light up 400 homes in Kenya

Power Transmission 127 November 2013, Nairobi – THE Bangladesh slum residents will soon benefit from ‘lights up’ electricity project to boost security. The project will be funded by the Mombasa county government and the Jomvu constituency office.

It is expected to light up 400 households in the slum. Speaking to the residents on Saturday, Jomvu MP Badi Twalib said the project is will improve lives and security of the people in the slum within the next two to three months.

“We will soon roll out this project which will give light and help curb insecurity incidents in this area,” he said. Yesteday Badi told the Star on phone that the project is will be undertaken by the Rural Electrification Authority.

He said they will go back to Bangladesh area for the residents to first endorse the project before they roll it out. The actual cost of the project is still unknown as survey and planning are still ongoing in the area.

“I cannot quote the actual amount of money that will be spent on this project, but we hope it will be substantial amount of money,” he said.

The MP said they had initially proposed 100 homes for the project, but it was later increased to 400 homes following the many houses in found within the slum.

Bangladesh has over 2,000 families with over 20,000 people living within the shanty homes, according to William Ruddick, the proprietor of Banga-Pesa, the controversial complimentary currency.

The residents are living in abject poverty and cannot afford luxuries like the electricity in their homes. The project will help the locals go about their business even when the night approaches without fear of being attacked.

– The Star

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